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Il Golosario, 14 febbraio 2022

Il Golosario, 14 febbraio 2022

Top Hundred 2022: second session

by Fabio Molinari


We are in Priocca d’Alba with a farm that makes its immersion in the ecosystem its trademark. Woodland and its management, truffle fields, hazelnut groves and vineyards do coexist, with the belief that those realities are interconnected and mutually beneficial.
This is a winning idea, against the risk of banalisation of the landscape and monoculture experienced in recent years in the Langhe region.
During the first tasting session we liked the white wines, this time instead we have been impressed by the red wines, starting with the Barbera D’Alba Superiore Betlem 2020, featuring a nose reach with officinal herbs perfumes, leaving loose bridle to freshness in the mount.
Equally interesting the Nebbiolo D’Alba Ruvaj 2020 charming us with its cinnamon and baked apple perfumes, and with masterful tannins in the mouth.»

Pedemontis – Priocca D’Alba (Cn)


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