Our idea of agriculture starts from the forest.

It begins by listening to the trees and the rich soils. It keeps the wisdom of nature by studying the delicate interaction between the forest and the vine, between spontaneous plants and hazelnut trees, between cultivated soils and the natural growth of truffles.

For us, the forest embodies the highest expression of natural balance: its breath brings together the vital harmony of all the beings that populate it and live next to it.

Il bosco - Pedemontis

Within the forest lies the perfect harmony of the natural elements present in our ecosystem, but it also carries the complex union with man. Living close to the forest for thousands of years has led to various kinds of relationships: the exploitation of forest resources and the delimitation of borders using agricultural crops; hunting and spontaneous gathering; the abuse of its priceless rhizomatic systems and its even more precious ability to produce oxygen.

But the forest is – and always has been – a place with great symbolic importance: it is a sanctuary for wild fauna and flora; the cradle of microbiologically active soils; the essential feature of a landscape that has been anthropized, the element that defines the beauty and charm of that very place.

Viticulture of cooperation

The forest inspires how we cultivate the land. A wide-ranging cooperative agriculture with no place for dominant species or monoculture: each element present in Pedemontis’ agricultural landscape is connected to and harmoniously lives with what lies next to it. This gives new vital force to the expressiveness of the wines and agricultural products that we make.

Il bosco - Pedemontis