Rational forestry

Silvicoltura razionale

Pedemontis takes care of the forests through active and rational forestry practices based on the principles of a wide-ranging environmental conservation.

We actively produce oxygen: we do not leave any carbon footprint because the amount of breathable air produced by our forests and our low-impact philosophy is greater than the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

A forest is not built in a day

Cultivating the forest means ensuring the survival of a thousand-year-old living being whose regenerative and vital processes contribute to the richness of the surrounding environment.

Il bosco - Pedemontis

How do we help the forest to survive?

  • We guarantee natural forest restoration
  • We maintain high levels of biodiversity by applying non-invasive agricultural practices
  • We ensure the stability of forest growth by favoring indigenous varieties
  • We enhance forest resources: wood, mushrooms and truffles
  • We defend essential operations such as the deduction of carbon dioxide emission and the reduction of hydrogeological hazard
  • We support the social opportunities given by the forest as a very important resource and an authentic contact with nature