The Farm

Our mission is based on the values of the area in which we operate – the magnificient scenery of the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, which has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Past and Future have always been intertwined in our work: every day we renew the bond between man and land, in order to preserve the excellence of our truffle heritage.

Working in the truffle fields, preserving them and creating new ones, is a very important effort of great value in order to preserve our natural landscape, for present and future generations.

We are cleaning our woodlands, by moving the soil around for creating water supply for plants and by replacing dead trees with new ones every year. We are constantly engaged in road maintenance and repair that allow us to reach the woodlands. We are committed to soften the soil, to produce oxygen for our lands. We do sporal inoculations in the woodlands; we grow hazelnut trees and produce excellent wine grapes.

We are ready to offer you a 360 ° truffle experience, with greenhouses and educational classrooms, that will allow the visitors to better understand and respect the magic world of the Truffle ecosystem.

Tartufaie sperimentali - Pedemontis