“Tartufaia” of Govone

“Tartufaia” of Piobesi

“Tartufaia” of Priocca

“Tartufaia” of Montaldo Scarampi

By “Tartufaia” (Truffle ground or Truffle fields) we intend the habitat where truffles develop and grow.

Various species of truffles are growing and developing in the Tartufaia, due to its particular pedoclimatic characteristics.

Truffles, in order, to grow at their best, need some characteristics of the Tartufaia soil:

  • alkaline ph
  • calcareous soil
  • excellent water drainage, without stagnation
  • ventilation

Obviously we must not forget that each species of truffle needs a specific plant association.

How many types of “Tartufaie” are there?

  • Spontaneous – there are no human interventions, the truffle is born, develops and it is collected
  • Controlled – man adopts particular practices safeguarding and improving the productivity of the area, with specific “mycorrhized” plants (“activated” in specific nurseries).
  • Cultivated – in this case the mycorrhized plants are implanted from scratch in environments deemed suitable for becoming Tartufaie (Truffle grounds or Truffle fields).