What is truffle

The scent of Piedmont

The richness of the forests of Pedemontis reveals another wonderful story through ethereal and imperceptible aromas: that of the most prized mushroom in the world, the Alba White Truffle.

Like excellent vines, truffles prefer marly-calcareous soils, temperate microclimate, moderate altitude and the presence of symbiotic trees that ensure their growth.

Preserving a fertile and biodiverse environment for the vine means caring for the habitat of the Tuber Magnatum Pico. And likewise, protecting the Alba White Truffle means encouraging a virtuous circle of environmental responsibility in wine territories.

Cos'è il tartufo - Pedemontis

Truffle as an environmental indicator

Aside from being a priceless ingredient, truffle is an extraordinary indicator of environmental biodiversity.

Truffle spores only thrive in complex environments where the delicate contact between the surface and the underground allows symbiotic relationships that enrich organic exchange. For truffles to grow, symbiotic trees and plants, fertile and moist undergrowth, well-developed root systems and a lively soil microflora are necessary. It might seem strange, but the presence of wildlife is also helpful: wild boars, badgers, rodents and birds carry truffle spores on their bodies (and in their feces). This allows truffles to travel and grow in very distant places.