What is truffle

Truffle is one of the emblematic Italian products as well as Italian gastronomic tradition in the world, thanks to the remarkable entrepreneurial Italian refinement of harvesting, cultivation and marketing the plentiful truffle species.

the plentiful truffle species.
Truffle is a tuber-shaped underground mushroom that lives in symbiosis with the roots of some trees, such as for example, oak, lime, hazel, hornbeam and poplar.

It has a fleshy mass called gleba, covered with a sort of bark called peridium.
Truffle consists of a high percentage of water, fibers and mineral salts, organic substances obtained by the symbiotic association with the tree it lives under. Its shape depends on the characteristics of the soil in which it grows: a soft soil will favor the growth of a spherical-shaped truffle, while a hard, stony soil with many roots, will favor a less linear shape.

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