The grape variety Barbera is widespread in the Piedmont region and finds its most elegant expression in the Alba territory, where in 1600 it was imported from Asti.

Traditionally considered as a table wine, until a few decades ago it had a simple and unglamorous image.
In recent times it saw an important quality improvement due to a more accurate vinification process and better grape selection.

Thanks to this improvement of its organoleptic features, Barbera can now compete with the most appreciated grape varieties. In the Piedmont’s dialect the name Bajet means the young conscript soldier, as a symbol of the vitality typical of youth in a wine meant for early drinking.


0.55 hectares at 270 m above sea level, excellent South West exposure.


The harvest, in small containers, is done by hand.


In steel tanks after destemming with native yeasts.


Alcoholic fermentation for 8 weeks in steel tanks under controlled temperature.

Maturation for 5 months in steel on the lees.


Dense ruby colour. Wide and complex bouquet with hints of red fruits, fruit jam, cinnamon, vanilla and pepper.

Naturally with a good acidity, reduced in the Alba-d.o.c. featuring a softer, full taste.


Charcuterie, tasty first courses, chicken casserole,
blue cheeses.