Betlem - Vini Pedemontis

The grape variety Barbera is widespread in the Piedmont region and finds its most elegant expression in the Alba territory, where in 1600 it was imported from Asti.

Traditionally considered as a table wine, until a few decades ago it had a simple and unglamorous image. In recent times it saw an important quality improvement due to a more accurate vinification process and better grape selection. Thanks to this improvement of its organoleptic features, Barbera can now compete with the most appreciated grape varieties.

Betlem is named after the single vineyard lying on the Betlemme hill, in the commune of Priocca at the border with San Damiano d’Asti. Typical
of that area is the presence of chalky sulfuric formations mixed with limestone, rock salt, sand and clay. We decided to dedicate these complex,
structured grounds solely to the cultivation of Barbera, reaching here an impressive vertical expressiveness.

This is the most iconic Pedemontis wine.


Single vineyard of one hectare at 270 m above sea level, slightly leaning towards South, with excellent South West exposure.
Average depth of the soil, mostly calcareous, 130 cm, until the rock substrata.


The harvest, in small containers, is done by hand.


In steel tanks after destemming , with native yeasts and light pump ov ers.


Alcoholic fermentation for four weeks in small, temperature controlled vats, with skin contact.

For 2 weeks follows the malolactic fermentation in steel, and then a 11 months maturation, for 70% in tonneau and 30% in barrique, to give the wine more complexity.


Intense ruby red with purple reflections. A single vineyard wine with robust alcohol contents, structured body and good acidity, it reveals fine, intense and pleasantly fruity aromas with prevalence of black plum and blackberry.


Savoury first dishes, roasts, game, aged cheeses, or just for meditation.