Ruvaj - Vini Pedemontis

The grape variety Nebbiolo is a Piedmontese autochthon variety.

In the I century AD. Pliny the Elder praised the qualities of this grape variety.

The first clear passage about the name Nebbiolo dates back to 1268, while the first passage about its cultivation in Roero dates back to 1303.

This variety is famous for long aging wines like Barolo, Barbaresco and Ghemme. An elegant and fruity feature distinguishes the Alba-d.o.c. The name Ruvaj stays for the bush in the company woodlands.



0.80 hectares at 270 m above sea level, excellent South East exposure.


The harvest, in small containers, is done by hand.


In steel tanks after destemming with native yeasts.


Alcoholic fermentation for 4 weeks in steel tanks under controlled temperature, then malolactic
fermentation in steel for 2 weeks.

Further maturation in tonneau for 11 months.


Clear garnet colour.

Fruity and typical bouquet with hints of rasperry, geranium and wild strawberry and spicy hints of
cinnamon and vanilla. Velvety and harmonious in mouth.


Tasty fish dishes (like anchovies in green sauce or spicy fish soups), pasta with ragout sauce, truffle
dishes, roasted and grilled meats, cheeses.

Serve at 16-18° C.