Our Vineyards

Pedemontis Vineyards

Our vineyards breathe in the forest which, in turn, revels in the scents of the grapes.

Pedemontis directly cultivates 13 hectares of property vineyards immersed in the woods of Roero: a land with an ancient viticultural vocation and endowed with extraordinary biodiversity, its typical sandy soil yields wines with particular elegance and finesse, delicately rich in aromas.

Local and traditional varieties

Local and traditional varieties

We grow local and traditional varieties: Barbera and Nebbiolo for the reds; Arneis and Favorita for the whites.

Varieties with centuries-old history, these have been brought back to life and reintroduced within the closed-cycle viticulture that we practice.

Roero, an elegant land,
the fount of biodiversity


In the “central valley”

Our vineyards stretch on the left of the Tanaro River, on the valleys of Magliano Alfieri and Castellinaldo, Priocca and Govone: the most suitable and planted areas in Roero, characterized by rugged and often steep slopes that are cut by rivers and small bodies of water.

On top of these hills, protected by millenary woods, spectacular yellow sandstone pinnacles rise: these are the Rocche of Roero, typical karst formations that originated from the erosion of the land. These cracks reveal the sandy soil of the area, creating openings that are hundreds of meters deep and host local flora and fauna that find shelter among woods, gorges and ravines in this untouched nature.


The scent of the sands

Long ago, Roero was a coastal area, and this can still be seen in the large presence of sand mixed with limestone that forms the soils. Even today, it is easy to find fossils of shells, small fish and phyllites (fossilized leaves) with the naked eye: this is the sign of the shallow waters and lush coastal vegetation once present here. The soil in Roero is generally younger than the one found in the nearby Langhe. It is softer and more water absorbent, characteristics that endow wines with natural finesse.

From the vineyards in the central valley of Roero, Pedemontis produces distinct wines: fine and elegant, they have greater lightness, delicacy and innate freshness compared to the powerful and austere Langa wines.