Viticulture of cooperation

If the forest preserves the balance of the world, the earth encloses its wisdom: layers of geological and living elements that, through the ages, have existed on Earth and has made it richer.

Pedemontis’ agronomic management has learned to respect the land: it considers viticulture as part of a whole, all within a philosophy that knows no production hierarchies, but favors organic relationships.

Therefore, we have chosen to grow vines using less intervention, letting each row express itself to the fullest. Our task is to encourage vital exchange and regulate the elements with which the vines come in contact: the forest, insects, farm and wild animals, micro and macro-organisms that crawl underground.

Manual skills and freedom of expression

Operations in the vineyard are based on manual skills, timely interventions and perfect knowledge of each plot. We plan operations day by day based on the real needs of the plants, eliminating any unnecessary treatment.

We strengthen biodiversity in the vineyards by planting herbs and wild essences: although they become tall, we let them grow in the rows, leaving the weeds to regulate themselves, increase soil fertility and fight erosion.

Consistent with our philosophy based on the least intervention possible, we use agricultural vehicles only if necessary, to avoid soil compaction and favor natural aeration.